Electrum - Cleanse Tattoo Cleanser & Rinse Solution

Electrum - Cleanse Tattoo Cleanser & Rinse Solution from Electrum Supply - The Deadly North
Electrum - Cleanse Tattoo Cleanser & Rinse Solution from Electrum Supply - The Deadly North

Electrum - Cleanse Tattoo Cleanser & Rinse Solution

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Electrum - Cleanse Tattoo Cleanser & Rinse Solution

Electrum Cleanse is ideal for before, during and after the tattoo process. Electrum Cleanse is electrolyzed water that is produced through a proprietary, patented electrochemical process which passes an electrical current through the water, thereby generating super-oxygenated water.  This extremely potent antimicrobial solution is highly effective in cleansing, rinsing, and soothing tattooed skin.  Electrum Cleanse is like the natural Hypochlorous Acid produced by the human body which assists the immune system in fighting off infections.

Electrum Cleanse is a clear hypotonic solution topically applied to the skin and wound areas. The subject device is wound management and cleansing solution that is intended for cleansing, irrigating, and debriding dermal wounds in addition to moistening and lubricating absorbent wound dressings (e.g. gauze, bandages). The mechanical action of fluid moving across the wound provides for the mechanism of action and aids in the removal of foreign objects such as dirt, ink and debris.  

Electrum Cleanse contains the following ingredients: Ionized water (99.93%), Sodium chloride (0.048%), Hypochlorous acid (0.02%) and hypochlorite Ion (0.002%)


  • It can be used as a cleanser, a rinse, and an aftercare solution - 1 product, multiple uses.
  • It can be used to cut your black ink for grey wash (in your pigment caps).
  • It contains no harsh substances. NO alcohol. NO stinging.
  • It is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-allergenic.
  • Is pH neutral & leaves skin residue-free.
  • It helps to reduce swelling and redness, so the artist gets a truer visual aspect while tattooing.
  • It can be used throughout the tattoo process, and as aftercare, which allows for better colour saturation and pigment retention.
  • It can be applied to healthy skin, even around the: eyes, ears, mouth & nose.
  • It is compatible with other commonly used tattooing products.
  • Reduces client discomfort and irritation while being tattooed.
  • Is FDA cleared.
  • It is biodegradable and environmentally safe. It does not require any special handling or disposal.
  • Technology that has been proven on over 100,000 tattoos by thousands of tattoo professionals during the last 5 years.

How to Properly Use Electrum Cleanse (PREP):

  • Clean the skin using approved antiseptic prep.
  • After Prep, evenly apply Electrum Cleanse onto a clean, disposable, lint-free paper towel or wipe. DO NOT DILUTE!
  • The amount of Electrum Cleanse used is directly related to the size of the are being cleaned & rinsed.  There is no "over-application" of the product.
  • Apply Electrum Cleanse onto the skin in one consistent outward circular motion, beginning in the center of the area being cleaned & ending at least 2 inches further out from the area that will be tattooed.  Try not to overlap areas while cleaning.
  • Shave client using cleanser of choice.  Using a single-use disposable razor, begin shaving from the top of the area to be tattooed to the bottom.
  • Dispose of the razor directly into a regulated sharps container immediately upon completion of shaving.
  • Evenly apply Electrum Cleanse onto a clean, disposable, lint-free paper towel or wipe. DO NOT DILUTE!
  • Allow Electrum Cleanse to sit on the skin for 15 seconds undisturbed. Place the soaked towel on top of the skin (area).

How to Properly Use Electrum Cleanse (PROCEDURE):

  • DO NOT DILUTE! Dilution will make the product ineffective!
  • DO NOT USE WITH GREEN SOAP! Green Soap will neutralize the product!
  • Electrum Cleanse can be used in lieu of distilled water throughout the tattoo procedure.
  • You may add a drop of Dial liquid soap if desired for increased cleansing action of plasma and residual ink.
  • Noticeably less redness/irritation to the skin throughout the procedure.
  • Reduces the "sting" associated with tattooing.
  • Less irritation = clients sit better, making artists work easier.

Avoid overexposure to sunlight and heat.  Store at room temperature. Do not allow the product to freeze.

We ship using CanadaPost and offer free Canada wide expedited shipping on all orders over $200 or $150 for AB, BC and SK. All Ink in winter is shipped thermal wrapped and with a heat pack, which we do not charge extra for. Even though we will check the weather ahead of time, If it's forecasted to be to be below minus 10 celsius, please order earlier in the week.

Tattoo pigment consists of two parts; the pigment and the carrier. The composition of tattoo pigment varies from brand to brand. Different ink companies use different dispersion methods and different formulas. We believe less filler the better, but that’s up to the artists preference.

Shaking your ink.

Trust us, a fully blended ink is much easier to use and will give you the correct and desired effect. If the ink is allowed to separate and solidify on the bottom of the bottle, you don’t actually get the formulated amount of pigment dispersion. This can reduce the ink’s effective saturation and opacity. When the sediment at the bottom hardens, it can be a nightmare to mix properly, then colour inconsistencies can begin to occur. To ensure your ink has been shaken fully to prevent this; compare the bottom of the bottle to the top, to ensure all pigment has been disbursed correctly. If you see a marbled effect or streaks of colour, keep on shaking.

Another way to keep your inks unspoiled and sediment free is to keep smaller bottles around, especially if it’s a colour you don’t use often. Take time and think how often a pigment gets used before you decide how much to order. Your ink is less likely to have a lot of settling if it’s not around for long. We’re a fan of small bottles. They’re easier to store, cost less, take up less space, are easy for the artist to travel with and it encourages an artist to keep their ink supply fresh and health board compliant. 


Shake your inks often to prevent separation.

Wear gloves when handling open ink bottles.

Wipe down bottles after use to prevent cross contamination.

Ensure lid is tightened snugly or clicked into place after use.

Do not leave ink bottles on work you space during tattoo procedure.

Store below 30 degrees and above freezing.

Do not store in direct sunlight.

Use within 12 months of opening. 

Nitty Gritty

We do our best to provide high quality images of each ink, but every device has its own resolution, so please note colours may vary from device to device. Its why we opened our retail locations.

Due to the uncertainty of ink once it leaves our stores, all ink sales are final.

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