About us

The Deadly North banner

The Deadly North Inc is the brainchild and cooperative of two of Canada's top tattooers, studio owners and supply companies.

Northern Tattoo Supply and Deadly Supply.


We are not suits, we are not corporate giants out to make a quick buck from gouging tattooers with overpriced cheap garbage imported supplies. 
We did this because it needed to be done, a supply company with integrity at
its heart, not dollar signs.
We are passionate about our industry, our art, our creativity and our craft. 
We couldn't find the best products in the world, consistently available here in Canada, so we made them.
If we couldn't make them, we sourced them, quality checked and imported them ourselves. 
We don't hide behind a multinational conglomerate, we are just career tattooers, trying to improve the industry. 


Every product we stock is 100% tested and backed by us, by tattooers. 
Our inks don't contain formaldehyde
Our machines aren't cheap knockoffs. 
We don't sell to scratchers, and we don't stock cheap shit. 
If that's who you are, or what you want, we are confident you can source that elsewhere.